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Verve Group is a group of companies focusing on two main business streams. The first stream is independent publishing in an ICT segment and the second one is providing APAC markt services, like market entry services or market inteligence to companies from all around the world.

Reseller Malaysia

Reseller Malaysia is an independent industry-specific magazine distributed directly to resellers and helping them in daily business decisions regarding vendors, products, services and other esential parts of their businesses.

Market Analytics

Helping in seting up the market-entry strategy to Asia-Pacific reagion for companies from various industries and providing support in implementing it.

What is Verve Group?

What is Verve Group?

Verve is defined by Oxford Dictinoary as "Vigour and spirit or enthusiasm". That is what defines our group. We are enthusiastic to bring the best results for our clients. We are Verve Group.

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